Arena Shooters are still here though. Dead, but here.

3D Printed Halo Pistol

3D Printed Halo Pistol

The old-fashioned shooters were some slick games a decade ago. Arena shooters by design cannot be milked so there is plenty of room in this genre for creativity by failure, centered on design by knowing what to keep. Pure, fast action, skill-based, moddable gameplay, where players sharing their weakness met with a user market that markets the game in a way no other game can.

Epic has made some bold moves. I’ve got a kick out of Epic’s “playable concept art” developing the game in its entirety from scratch for the internet to watch. And now we see the fruits of their labor, and it is sweet. Unreal Tournament is completely free, meaning it’s not F2P, and provides a powerful engine to mess around in. It’s not the only one with quality. Murder Miners and CellFactor captured this Quakesque/Unrealesque divide so I hope they never stop updating them and even beget spiritual successors. Those are excellent shooters, inspiring even.

It’s probably best to not listen to the mainstream hipsters as you will not find any knowledge of this uniquely American style of vidya with its roots in competitive gaming. It’s even playing field complimenting strategic purity is timeless. The vacuum of timidity well-known shooters create ceases when discipline manifests into talent. There is no need to read books to understand a tired storyline because the fulfillment occurs in the context of order: Gameplay first. Starting with fun and adding production value incrementally increase merited background which can mean so much for its place in the culture.

The shooter community generally looks down on chevos the online venues like to latch on. The gamers bear comparison with this dynamic that at their best do nothing at all, and at their worst influence player behavior. No DRM programs shriveling away the community to an early grave. Here the rules do not hamper your freedom. They make you truly free. The Devs that put players on a treadmill put themselves on a treadmill, too. Sounds like justice to me. The AAA shooter tank production will be yet another testament to the culture-wide lack of regard for the discipline of design.

You might even say we’re at the dawn of a new creative golden age. It would be a good idea to start creating the art and stuff an audience can get into for this medium. You do know your audience right? The reality is it will take 10 years to make something great so just start. Craft YouTube channels worthy of being quoted on advertisements for good games. Concoct great schemes and construct Trojan horses getting gamers back into the fight. Play with friends and discuss ideas with them, not online strangers. You know you’re winning when the press says they don’t like shooters anyway. Eat your heart out Halo.

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